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Tips and Tactics

We will be covering, Deer hunting, Bear hunting, Pig Hunting, waterfowl hunting and upland game bird hunting, prairie dog/ ground squirrel hunting and any hunting that may fall in between. I will mostly be covering Northern California Hunting, but will also cover some Southern Oregon hunting as well.

Deer Hunting & Elk Hunting

In my Deer hunting chapter I will cover California Deer Zones, their draw odds and potential for success. I will also be covering the truth about how Department of Fish and Wildlife exaggerates the deer take in these zones which may take many of you by surprise. Also with each zone I write about I will include actual hard information for that zone to help you bag a buck.

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Bear Hunting

In my Bear hunting section we will cover hunting locations, tactics and best times of year to hunt.

Boar Hunting

In my Pig hunting section I will go into great detail on locating these animals. It’s hard to believe this but they are easier to locate than you might think. I will also go into the “what not to do” when your hunting pigs and of course tracking and hunting with dogs or solo.


Waterfowl Hunting

In the waterfowl hunting chapter I will provide you with a multitude of areas to hunt and exactly how to hunt them. They will all be public lands and when you are done reading this chapter you will find out that it will be very easy for you to become addicted to waterfowl hunting and find yourself knee deep in pond freezing your butt off and waiting for shoot time. I will also cover dog some dog training and tips to make your hunt more pleasurable. But what may be of the biggest importance to you is the Refuge system and how to hunt it either by reservation or walk on and where to go once your there.

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Fly Fishing

Many of the Northstates waterways provide an excellent opportunity for good quality fly fishing.

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