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Allow me to express to you that I am no expert but I have been hunting all my life and I have learned a lot in all my years of hunting. And what I have learned is from trial and error. When I was a young man my family was not well off. I grew up on a ranch in southern California. My dad was a ranch hand and I was a ranch hand before I could walk. It was a constant struggle and I learned how to hunt for food at a young age. My father was able to talk one of the ranch owners into letting us raise game birds on the property and so we raised pheasants, quail, pigeon peacocks and turkey which gave me a solid foundation for bird hunting and their habits. I learned a lot from my father and that has transcended into my hunting of today. Shortly after turning 18 I enlisted in the US Army as a Cavalry Scout this taught me Reconnaissance and Surveillance tactics and went to Airborne School and was assigned to the 82nd Airborne Division and gained the ability to ghost into an area and sit for days undetected watching my target and then slipping out without being noticed. Later on in life I became a Private Investigator and after 20 years of traveling around the United States hunting people as well as hunting animals and fly fishing every chance I got I decided to make all the information I have obtained available to you the average hunter.

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