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Where have you Been 2023?

I have received several comments and emails regarding my lack of Blogging over the course of 2022 and it’s true I have been very quiet and busy the last year on things not related to hunting fishing and the outdoor.

Last year was a weird year for me, I ended up catching covid for a second time and that was no big deal, but I also suffer from a shoulder and right arm injury early in my life the result of a parachute accident while in the Army and as we all know, small injuries when we are young manifests into big injuries when we get older and well that’s what happened. And I have enough trouble typing with both hands, but I am just out of commission if I only have one, and that lasted most of last year but post-surgery, I am doing much better with that issue.

Unfortunately, I had another health issue come up, mainly the result of post-covid stomach and intestinal issues and frankly it knocked me in the dirt. Now when I say knocked me in the dirt it really did, the good news is I am down to reasonable weight and after 3 years of trying to get it right I think the VA finally has me on the right medication and I am hoping that it’s a managed situation now.

Another reason I have been slow is just general frustration with the internet and the scammers and hackers and general assholes that really need to be eliminated from the planet. For those of you who don’t know this already, anytime you post a photo of a gun online whether or not it’s a standard firearm or a hunting firearm you get tons of BS emails from the anti-gun idiots, and this causes your blog to get flagged and then removed and you have to repost it again and it gets old.

This also goes for anything to do with hunting. The anti-hunting people are everywhere I even have subscribers on my site that report anything they can as soon as its posted and for goodness sakes don’t say anything about feral cats or the cat people will really come after you, those people are just plain nuts.

Then there are the hackers, always soliciting me with these emails wanting to help me. Remember anytime a stranger wants to help you make money, it’s a scam. I even got a scam email on this site as I wrote this article. I would love to send a Cruise missile right through their living room window!

I am retired but I also do some work that I enjoy bringing in some mad money and keep the lights on and one of these jobs is taking care of my 3 grandsons. My daughter can pay a stranger or pay me, and I live 2 blocks away so that takes precedence in most situations.

And speaking of money I hate to say it, but it comes down to money. I do not have any sponsors, and although you would think it’s free to just write something online but it’s not. You have several website fees and annual fees and this and that and it adds up. Not to include the inflation of everything especially fuel costs caused by our great Blunder and Chiefs action or lack of action you choose one or both. But as every hunter knows fuel is a major cost in our endeavors and driving to a place and having a hunting or fishing trip that is remarkable enough to write about costs me money and well I have had to cut back just like you have so please understand, I will NEVER ask any of you for money for this free information that I write so if I can't afford it, your not going to get the article, sorry but that’s just the way the world works.

So here goes it, I am currently working on some new articles or blogs as we now call them on this last hunting season soon to make you laugh and realize I’m not the perfect hunter. They include a deer hunting trip into B Zone with my friend Ben, some upland stories and some waterfowl articles. This year I also plan on putting out more fly-fishing articles as this last year was kind of tough during a drought.

I am also hoping but not promising to launch a free Youtube channel, unfortunately this requires some capital and people to assist in editing and filming and frankly I am asking to throw myself into a nightmare of stress and pain but, I am going to try, but no promises.

I am also currently working on two separate books, one on Pig hunting in California and Upland and Waterfowl Hunting in California that I am hoping to have ready in 2024.

Please hang in there! It was a tough year for everyone including me and everyone I know that hunts and fishes, but we have plenty of water maybe not enough but plenty to start with so don’t let it get you down and “ Hang in there Baby”



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