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Waterfowl Hunt Results for California Refuges January 23rd, 2022

Time for the end of the season push. Only two more days to hunt the Balance of the State zone in California. Pull out all the stops and have fun because that's what it's all about.

I had the pleasure of hunting Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge on Wednesday, January 26th, 2022, and let me tell you the morning was unbelievable. But believe it or not we only got 4 ducks total for two hunters. We were in Blind 23D, and about 15 minutes before shooting time the ducks started bombing into the pond and I mean bombing. There were flocks of 50 to 100 ducks coming in at once and by the time shoot time started they were all out in the pond about 100 yards out. Unfortunately, they were 90% Pintails with a few shovelers and teal mixed in. When the shooting started, we killed out two Pintails and then we had to sort through Pintail Hens and Drakes and had so many shots that we couldn't take because we didn't want to go over out limit on Pintails. It was an epic morning, just didn't kill a lot of birds and we left about 10:30 because as soon as it warmed up the mosquitos came out.

The moral of the story, if you have a reservation for this weekend at any of the refuges in Northern California you really should go because the ducks are there.

Blind 23D

Here are your refuge results for California Refuges Curtesy of California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Use these results to determine what decoys to take with you to the refuges and other areas near where these refuges are, to increase your success rate.

Waterfowl Codes:

AGWT = American Green Wing Teal

AMWI = American Wigeon

BUFF= Bufflehead

GADW= Gadwall

GOLD= Goldeneye

GWFG= Greater White Fronted Goose (Speck)

LSGO= Lessor Snow Goose

MALL= Mallard

NOPI= Northern Pintail

NSHO= Northern Shoveler

RNDU= Ringneck Duck

SCAU= Scaup (or Bluebill)


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