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PRATHER RANCH Squirrel Hunting Update April 11, 2021

I have received several requests regarding Prather Ranch and the current Squirrel Hunting Conditions and whether or not its a good time to go. The answer is "ITS AWSOME RIGHT NOW". We went up on Friday April 9, 2021 for a mid-day hunt. Well is was supposed to be a mid-day hunt, we didn't leave until mid-day and arrived late at about 3:30pm. Although we were late the shooting was pretty incredible, when we left at about 5:30 we added up that we had shot about 400 rounds of .223 and .22 Long Rifle. It was truly an amazing day

It is early in the season and the fields are still mostly dirt with very little alfalfa showing. This is somewhat rare because usually by now there is at least a 6 inches or so of hay and that is okay but they are harder to spot. As the weeks go by the hay will get taller and soon it will be anywhere from a fresh cut field that is two inches to 24 inches tall and when it is that tall its very difficult to hunt unless you are above the fields on a hill looking down.

Good luck everyone and remember, you have to have a hunting license and you have to shoot California approved non-toxic ammo.

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