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Pheasant Hunting Northern California November 15, 2021


Pheasant Hunting 2021 November 15, 2021

I there is something to remember when it comes to pheasant hunting its “Don’t give Up”. This holds true when you’re in the field hunting and when your researching places to hunt and trying to find a little piece of land to hopefully pull out a bird or two.

Pheasant Season in Northern California just opened on November 13th, 2021 and where I live and hunt in Northern California it was a foggy miserable mess. Visibility was less than a quarter mile and in the rice fields and canals where there was more moisture it was even worse.

We usually pop up multiple birds and really have a fun exciting hunt but this weekend it was difficult to say the very least. We were able to get 2 birds each on both days, the opening weekend limit but it took us all day with the first bird shot at about 8:15 am and the last one shot at about 4:30 PM but all in all not bad just really wet and soggy and between the fog, the mud, and the wet grass I was absolutely soaked. Very few birds were killed in the area I was hunting, and few shots were fired. I was hunting the Willows Pheasant Association which is a great club to join at only $150.00 a year for a couple, they plant 1100 birds opening weekend and this year another 500 the second weekend and I would bet judging by the lack of gunfire that only 30% of the birds got shot so there should be plenty of birds left over.

If you’re still looking for a place to hunt pheasant “Don’t Give Up”, they are still out there. You can join a club like I did, and you can also hunt the wildlife area such as Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge, Colusa National Wildlife Refuge, Delevan National Wildlife Refuge and Gray lodge. I also know that the weekend of November 20th and 21st the Department of Fish and Wildlife will be involved in planting pheasants for Women and Apprentice hunts at Howard Wildlife Area, Yolo Bypass and Bend (near Red Bluff) and Ash Creek Wildlife area. These are all public lands and after these hunts are conducted the following days when the areas are open you can hunt these leftover birds. You may have to buy a day pass or travel, but these hunts are conducted at several wildlife areas around the state so search the Department of Fish and Wildlife website and you may find other places.

And like always if you need some additional help locating a place to hunt pheasants drop me a line hit “contact me” and ask me if I know of a place near you to hunt, I may be able to help.

Thank you


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