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B Zone Tip: “Don’t Miss the Rain”!!!!!

Here in Northern California we have become so accustomed to the droughts and dry deer seasons we have almost forgotten what it's like to see a storm coming during rifle or archery season.

I have hunted B Zone for over 30 years, if it rains during the season you need to be out there hunting in the rain. Something about a summer rainstorm during Archery Season and the deer just become super active. I don’t know if it feels good to them, if it does something to tickle their skin or if they haven’t smelled the rain in so long it just makes them happy. But it does something to get them active.

This is the same for rifle season, only we are hoping for snow to push them out of the mountains.

I do my best to be out hunting on every rainy day of the season. Especially Archery Season and the good news is that this Friday September 1st and Saturday September 2nd, the weather report is calling for rain in the Trinity Alps and most of B Zone.

Don’t miss the Rain!!!!


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