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Gun Dog Listings

It is difficult these days to find a public site where you can advertise a litter of quality Gun Dog pups. Sites like Craig’s list and Ebay and do not allow you to advertise puppies or dogs for sale. And if you do the local dog haters or anti-hunters will immediately start reporting the add to the site manager for removal. Not here, if you have quality Pups that you wish to sell, I will allow you to advertise them on my site. I do have a few requirements. All dogs and puppies must be of the Gun Dog varieties this would be any bird dog, Pointers Retrievers and Flushers and even Hog dogs. But only if they are hunters. All dogs must have true hunting backgrounds. By this I mean they must hunt regularly not one or two days a year and you must be able to prove it with photos or some evidence that these dogs truly are Gun Dog puppies or Dogs. I will allow some adult dogs to be advertised as long as they fall under the Gun Dog categories I have listed and they are healthy. All Dogs and puppies must be honestly advertised. If they are AKC, you must be able to show the paperwork. If they are older dogs all faults must be listed. All dogs and puppies must be sold legally. Any attempt to falsely mislead any buyer or seller will not be tolerated and will be reported. Before you attempt to sell any dogs or puppies I will ask for proof of ownership, this would be a litter registration receipt or prior vet bills. All puppies under 2 years absolutely must come with a 24 months of age health guarantee. Example: if the puppy is 8 weeks old, you must provide a health guarantee until the dog or pup is 24 months of age. If the dog or pup is 18 months old you must provide a health guarantee until the pup is 24 months of age, no exceptions.

If you have a litter of quality pups that you are trying to sell, send me an email and with the litter information and some photos of the Sire and the Dam, the individual puppies or a litter and send me proof that they are hunting dogs.

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