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Always Use Caution


     Welcome to After years of hunting both public and private areas with positive results and futile results, I decided to put together some information to help my fellow hunters and provide them with information on PUBLIC hunting areas and some private areas.

     I have learned that information is the key to hunting these areas and truthfully solid honest information is hard to find especially if you’re a new hunter or even as an experienced one. Most the time hunters are more than willing to tell you about that big Buck they shot or about the nasty Boar that nearly killed their dog but they leave out that one important detail, where they got it. Hunters also have a slight tendency to exaggerate whether it’s the size of the animal, how rough the terrain is and whether or not they actually killed it on public land.

     On this site I will be brutally honest with you. If I know of a place to hunt I will tell you if it’s public or private, if I know what animals are there I will tell you. I won’t lie to you and tell you there are pigs in a certain canyon on a certain mountain range unless I personally have seen them there or killed them there. There is a reason for my brutal honesty.

     I have a somewhat rogue personality and in addition i have had jobs that required me to work on my own and as a result I usually end up hunting obtaining all my hunting information first hand or at the least confirming it firsthand. Don’t get me wrong I get along with others but generally prefer to be by myself and hunt by myself. For those reason and a few others I have learned how to find places to hunt on my own. Another reason for my brutal honesty is money.

     I could not even begin to tell you how much money and time I have spent chasing down gossip information. Information told or leaked to someone that eventually got around to me and I went off on some wild goose chase trying to find some buck that come to find out didn’t exist or after researching it found out it was actually taken on heavily posted private property. So you can count on me to tell you the truth about hunting locations, animals and costs that you may incur such as refuge passes. I will also keep you as up to date as possible on the costs that you don’t necessarily have to pay saving you some money. So if you are looking for new places to hunt for Waterfowling, Deer Hunting in California, Upland Bird Hunting and Pig Hunting in Northern California this site may help you out. If your looking to Book a Guide for a fishing or hunting trip please read my Blog on Guide Reviews it may save you some heartache and some money. And if you are a Guide or Outfitter and you would like for me to conduct an Honest, Truthful and no B.S. evaluation/review  of your services contact me and we will work something out.


Please understand that this is a new site and I am new to Blogging so don't be surprised if you see some mistakes. Please click on my Blog section above and feel free to email me with questions or concerns. I will be updating the blogs as often as a I can with new  information and if you are having trouble finding places to hunt or people to hunt with let me know maybe we can meet up for a hunt somewhere.

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