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Waterfowl Hunt Results for California Refuges January 2nd, 2022

Here are your refuge results for California Refuges Curtesy of California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Use these results to determine what decoys to take with you to the refuges and other areas near where these refuges are, to increase your success rate.

Example: if you see that Gray Lodge is reporting GADW (Gadwall) as the number one reported duck killed, then take Gadwall decoys with you to the refuge.

Waterfowl Codes:

AGWT = American Green Wing Teal

AMWI = American Wigeon

BUFF= Bufflehead

GADW= Gadwall

GOLD= Goldeneye

GWFG= Greater White Fronted Goose (Speck)

LSGO= Lessor Snow Goose

MALL= Mallard

NOPI= Northern Pintail

NSHO= Northern Shoveler

RNDU= Ringneck Duck

SCAU= Scaup (or Bluebill)

WODU= Wood Duck

You may note that most of the refuges in the northern part of California like Sac, Yolo, Colusa, Gray lodge, Delevan and Howard are all posting NSHO, this is the Northern Shoveler. I use mostly Shoveler and Wigeon decoys when I hunt the refuges because not only will Shovelers and Wigeon come to those decoys, but Pintail and Gadwall also have no issues landing in a wad of shoveler decoys. Also, most guys won't throw out a mess of shoveler decoys because they want to look like "Mallard Killers" and they don't want to look like they are trying to shoot shovelers.

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