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I am happy to report some “Good News” for those wishing to eliminate their Cabin Fever by exploding some squirrels up at Prather Ranch.

On April 1st, 2024, I traveled to the Prather Ranch for a morning Squeaker hunt. It was slow, very slow but the little rascals were there. They just haven’t “Popped” yet. I have made multiple calls to the ranch headquarters and had to leave messages. But while we were up there, we ran into a ranch hand, and between his broken English and my complete lack of Spanish were able to establish that they did poison some of the squirrels that were around the houses and farm buildings, but they did not poison the fields. He assured me that it just hasn’t got warm enough yet.

When we were there the fields looked terribly dry with no green up at all. Maybe a few spots with a ¼ inch of green but basically dead. This is normal at this time of year, even though in past years it's greened up by this time. This year is different because of the late winter.

We were only able to shoot maybe 30 rounds total, all very long distance 200 to 500 yards. But there are new fresh mounds everywhere, and I even saw some very small babies alongside the road.

I also heard from a friend named Fan, who communicated to me that he hunted Prather Ranch on March 13th, and he also had a slow day with a few shots around 200 to 300 yards, and some Squirrel KIAs at those ranges with a 22LR, that's some good shooting right there.

I will be going up there again in about two weeks. I will post another update then.

In the meantime, I will be reloading some 55 grain Varmint Grenades into some .223 Remington, and I will be ready for the next “Squirrel Apocalypse” that will eventually take place this spring.

Enjoy your hunt,



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