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Prather Ranch Update March 22, 2024

I wanted to let all my readers know of some disappointing news that has been brought to my attention. A couple of days ago a friend of mine who I met through my web site by the name of John R. informed me that he went hunting up at the Prather Ranch and was highly disappointed.  He said that while they were there, they observed very few squirrels and that the place was baron. He said he spoke to other hunters who informed him that it was their understanding that the ranch had poisoned and gassed the squirrels and basically the hunting was nonexistent.

Now in the past I have arrived at the ranch in early March and had days with some squirrels and days with not even a sighting. And I do know that the ground does look like a desert wasteland at that time of the year because they turn the fields under prior to the spring green-up in an attempt to knock down the early weed growth. I also know that in the past, prior to the growing season they have used poison in problem areas because they just couldn’t knock down the squirrels fast enough.

Now all that being said, I trust John R.’s information and I wanted to let everyone know before they drove up there that there may not be as many squirrels this year, possibly none, and to plan accordingly.

Prior to hearing this information, I had already planned a trip up to the area for a morning squirrel hunt and a late evening Coyote hunt. So, on April 1st if the weather is good, I will head up there and see what’s up and report back to you with my findings so that you can have up-to-date information to either plan your hunt or make other arrangements. But as of today March 22, 2024, I have not been able to contact anyone at the Ranch who actually knows if there was an attempt to poison the squirrels.

Now as an alternative to Prather Ranch there is still Alturas Ranch in Alturas California that offers the same great hunting, only you have to pay for a Season Pass to hunt squirrels that runs about $25.00 for their season which is from April 1st to July 31st.

I appreciate it when people who read my articles contact me with information or completely disagree with me. That’s how we learn and how we as hunters work with other hunters to network and communicate so that we have a more enjoyable time in the field. Thank you, John R., for the update on the Ranch.


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