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Its spring of 2022, Go Shoot some Squirrels

Prather Ranch is Hot again in 2022

As of May13th and May 22, 2022, Prather Ranch squirrel hunting is hot! This year for some reason maybe it’s the lack of a hard winter or late spring rains and in some areas late snow, the Squirrels or as the locals call the Squeakers are at the highest level, I have ever seen. I hunted Prather around Pivot #4 on May 13th and I shot over 250 rounds of .223 and I don’t know how many rounds of .22 Pellets from my air rifle. They were anywhere from 20ft out to 300 yards out. And they were all large to medium size, so no spring litters just yet, but I am sure they are on their way. The way they were chasing each other around and honeymooning it's just a matter of time until we see a population explosion of little 2-inch-tall squirrels running around chewing everything up.

Before I go too far, I want to say a big "Thank You" to the folks at Prather Ranch. They allow us hunters on their property and allow us to hunt "on our Honor" and that is a rare thing in today's modern world. Not only do they allow us to hunt but they raise some incredible beef and sell it in the local markets and whenever possible I try to buy their products rather than whatever is at the big box grocery stores. Please show them your support for what they do for us hunters by buying their products and being respectful while you are on their property.

I know with the lead ban finding affordable lead free or non-toxic ammo is really tough and somewhat un-affordable right now. I have been reloading my own .223 Remington with Barnes 50 Grain Varmint Grenades and I am very impressed with their accuracy. It is more expensive than .22 Long Rifle or .17 HMR but you also have better range.

Alternatives to hunting California and the lead ban.

If you are one of those guys like me and every other old timer I know and you have a bunch of lead ammo sitting around all loaded up with no place to go, you might try a ranch up in Oregon. There is a ranch that runs around 100 bucks a day maybe a little more, were you can shoot all that lead up at the exact same kind of squirrels. I haven’t been able to get up there yet, but they are located in Bonanza Oregon and below is their contact information. I know its costs money to hunt but if they provide a good location and at the cost of purchasing California Legal ammo why not give them a try, I do believe you need a one- or two-day Oregon Hunting license, and I am sure they could answer any questions about that. Their contact info is:


Call ANNA @ 916-717-4670


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